Stop lying, Jeffery-Masudal

Datuk Jeffery Kitingan
Datuk Jeffery

KOTA KINABALU: Do not spread lies about illegal immigrants celebrating Party Warisan Sabah’s election win, Datuk Jeffery Kitingan was told.

Christopher Toguk Masudal, Special Officer Party Warisan Sabah Deputy President of Darell Leiking stated that Kitingan said he made the decision to align himself with  Tan Sri Musa Aman UMNO Sabah Chairman after seeing  illegal immigrants celebrating Warisan’s election wins loudly on the streets in the State Capital.

Masudal said this was an outrageous lie coming from him as there were no celebration at the State Capital on Wednesday night when the vote counting process was taking place.

“He made his decision to align with Musa on Thursday morning and again, there was no celebration by the illegal immigrants in the State Capital apart from a gathering at Padang Merdeka (under the watchful eyes of Police, Special Branch and FRU) which was attended by the KDM, Chinese and Bajaus on that night (Thursday) demanding Musa to step down.”

“I advise Kitingan not to tell more lies because it will only cause the Sabahans to loose what little respect they have for him,” he said.

Jeffery, the  president of Parti Solidarity Tanahairku (STAR), had alleged that influx of immigrants would occur with the swearing-in of Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal on Saturday night.

The allegations made by Kitingan was clearly an act of creating unrest and fear among Sabahans who have decided to topple the BN Sabah Government, Masudal said.

“Kitingan claimed that a flood of immigrants who are holding work passes and IMM13 documents are now expecting the Warisan Government to issue them MyCards as soon as possible and there exist imminent danger arising from sudden escalation of immigrants from Southern Philippines.”

“These are all mere speculations made by a politician  desperately seeking for support from the uninformed Sabahans and unless there are evidence with supporting documents or reports issued by our security forces,  international bodies or even the Manila Government itself confirming the so-called “sudden escalation”, then this is clearly a statement tantamount to create unrest and fear among the Sabahans.”

“How could he ask the Sabahans to listen and believe to his future speculation when we all know it very well that Dr Chong Eng Leong had through his book, “Lest We Forget” implicated the former Chief Minister,  Musa and his Deputy Minister, Datuk Yahya Husin as those who masterminded the issuance of over 400,000 pieces of ICs to the illegal immigrants in Sabah?”

“I would like to advise all Sabahans to remain calm,  particularly the Warisan members and supporters and we don’t have to react with such provocation that can possibly lead to clashes because we have the laws and security forces to ensure peace and stability in the state,” he added.

Masudal also also said that Kitingan should had expected the backlash from the KDM community with his decision to align himself with Musa Aman.

“When we were in the opposition block, we fought BN Sabah hard because we believe on the necessity to have a new Sabah that is corrupt-free, transparent, accountable and economically vibrant and I believe this is also what Kitingan fought for.”

Musa had been the Chief Minister for 14 years and in GE14, Sabahans decided to vote against him and his candidates of choice because of the multiple issues that he had not look into immediately during his tenure despite having all the powers to do so.

“So it is Kitingan’s own loss and to the annoyance of hundred thousands of Sabahans, when he decided to align himself with Musa’s during Sabah’s most critical moment.”

“Lest he forget,  it was Musa who summoned him to his resident at Seri Gaya and not the other way round so he should not be surprised with the backlash from the KDM communities with his decision to help a former Chief Minister who was out-rightly rejected by the Sabahans,  even at his own constituency to remain in power,” Masudal shared. -pr/BNN