Sabah UMNO may ceased if not granted total autonomy

REDONAH with Sabah UMNO Wanita Chief, Datuk Hajah Jainab Datuk Ahmad Ayid, at the assembly.

KUALA LUMPUR: Sabah UMNO Wanita wing reminded the party’s central leadership that Sabah UMNO may ceased if it is not granted total autonomy.

Its Information Chief, Datuk Redonah Bahanda said Sabah UMNO needs to be able to stand on its own without politically detaching itself from UMNO Central.

The constitution may need to be amended, she said, adding that is however a small matter if compared to the much larger national political agenda for the sake of the country and people in future.

“Sabah Umno Wanita wing welcomed the smart decision made by our central leadership. UMNO will stay in Sabah. Sabah UMNO will be given the autonomy power to decide on policies based on the core struggles of our party in Sabajh without being tied to the decisions made at the central level.”

“We pray there will be an important announcement made during tomorrow’s General Assembly ,” she said when debating on the motion on politics during the Wanita UMNO movement’s assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre here Saturday.

Redonah, who is also Kota Marudu UMNO Wanita Chief, said Sabah is very unique politically, as unique as the government which is temporarily in power in Sabah, that is the Warisan-Pakatan Harapan-UPKO Government, but UPKO has no representative at the Federal level.

“Sabah Wanita also want to remind that any political collaboration with any political parties, it must take into account of Sabah UMNO interests. Do not sideline Sabah UMNO in all future development plans,” she said.

“Need to bd reminded that UMNO now is an opposition party. In Sabah’s political history, all those parties that  had lose were not able to stand back their feet and returm to power.”

The women in Sabah UMNO will continue to stay with UMNO so long as UMNO is formulated in development structure and plan that capable of creating political and economically stability and prosperity in the country, said Redonah.

“UMNO is the best party in Sabah in all aspects. Also in terms of the number of members and its organisational system. But, when we look at the 14th General Election (GE14), obviously having great number of members and even great number branches as well as great support in terms of modal and programmes for the people, were not able to help  BN/UMNO win. This need to be studied thoroughly and fairly,” she said.

Sabah Wanita also demanded that the Warisan Government to give appropriate consideration and place education as core agenda in the human development.

Redonah said although it is a requirement that women can marry as early as 14-year-old but the socio-culture of the people in the Interior of Sabah nedd to be taken into account.

“But to let it be implemented as such requirement will deprive  the group (young women) their rights to acquire education and have a perfect life..

“A prolonging life in poverty will continue to happen due to limitation on education for self progression and carrier building. We understand that it is important to prioritise religion. But Islam never trouble its followers. Is our thinking nowadays no longer go along with the current changes. The world continue progressing, we do not want our children be deprived just for the sake of underage marriage,” she stressed.

She said Sabah Wanita asked that the Warisan-led Government  think rasionally, by fulfilling its sweet promises which were still unfilled.

Apart from that, Redonah also touched on the opposition bloc  Gabungan Bersatu Sabah (GBS) which Sabah UMNO Wanita wing hopes the setting up of GBS  is pragmatic and strategic  step.

“The Warisan Government has sacrifice the peace and soveriegnity of the people of Sabah by allowing policy  that allow the use of “pump boat” which is used in the kidnapping cases,”  said Redonah.

“They have forgotten the bloody incident at Tanduo in Lahad Datu. They have forgotten our fellow security personnel who had been killed and treated with extreme violence by the terrorists then.

“They forgot those wives and children that were left behind…the Tanduo incidence also proven the involvement of foreigners who tipped off the Sulu terrorists. But today the Warisan Government wants to give pesonal identification document to the foreign immigrants just like that, without sending them back to  their respective country of origin.

Redonah also supports the policy speech by the Deputy President and  also Datuk Noraini Ahmad’s  speech.-By LSK/BNN