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Juliana Kitingan

Tambunan District lies in the Interior Division of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Sited some 80 kilometres from Kota Kinabalu, the State Capitol, its main township is also called Tambunan. This township is very well known for its rustic atmosphere and a meander around is always reminiscent of a more laid back past. Which is to say, there is no rush and hustle and bustle of people or transportation.

The township is sited on a valley, over the Crocker Range. Around the area there are terraced paddy fields, clusters of villages and forests of bamboos. The green hills and mountains are soothing sights against blue skies and its ‘ruralness’ makes for relaxation. Because it’s a valley and there is very little hill cutting and deforestation around, Tambunan has a mild tropical weather all year long. In the evenings the temperature can go down to a comfortable 19 degrees celcus.

Visitors to Tambunan can enjoy the atmosphere and just relax in a rural ambiance. There are no dearth of place to stay there as there are hotels and homestays. Homestays are the best bet of course as it enables guests to sample local hospitality and get a brief insight on their way of life.

One of the homestay is the 7-Lodge sited at Kampung Mogong. It is a very homely place, manned by friendly people. They are very accommodating and as such visitors should not have any problem adapting to the environment.

The container cabin

The Lodge offers 24 rooms in three bungalows and five container cabins. The container cabins are well furnished with a good bathroom. They are surprisingly cosy and comfortable.

The homestay opened to the public in 2011 and have since welcomed many visitors, mostly domestic guests and a few international arrivals, its proprietor, Juliana Kitingan said, adding that they can be found listed in

Sited on 4.5 acres of land, the area is reminiscent of a typical village area, surrounded by fruit trees and beyond that, the jungle. The sounds of cicadas can be heard in the evenings, lending a serene atmosphere to the surrounding.

Breakfast is included, but if guests want to have their lunch and dinner in the establishment, they can arrange for food to be served. The menu is usually local food unless requested otherwise by the guests.

“During the fruit season, guests can sample the fruit that is available around our house. This includes durian and rambutan,” Juliana shared.

There is transportation services provided by the establishment, with cost of course, should quests need them for sightseeing. Sightseeing include the Tamu or traditional market and Mahua Waterfall among others.

Juliana shared that room rates range from RM67 to RM197 (family suite). More information can be acquired from 087 774929.-ce/BNN