Present government not visionary-Radin

Radin (4th left) during the AGM with fellow members
KENINGAU: Deputy President of PBS, Datuk Seri Panglima Radin Malleh, when officiating the AGM of PBS Sook Division, said that the present government, which is questionable in its legitimacy, has no proper blue print or development plan for Sabah as it was clear in the last sitting of the Assembly.
He said it was only a mere ordinary plan to have a balance of the implementation and distribution of the developments throughout the State, adding that questionable legitimacy, because the first appointed CM did not resign and the TYT had no power to remove him, plus, the matter was not brought to the State Legislative Assembly for vote of no confidence as provided for in the State Constitution.
“We shall leave it to the court to interpret the law.”
Radin further added that the previous BN government has a proper blue print or “Hala Tuju” to develop the State of Sabah.
The Warisan-led government has sheer-no  vision or mission at all for Sabah, let alone fighting for the rights and interest of Sabah as enshrined in the MA 63, 20 points, IGC and Batu Sumpah, explained Radin.
He said this was evident at the inception of Parti Warisan when there was no mention about the rights and interest of Sabah, but the formation was due to the dissatisfaction and disappointment of its President for being sacked from his ministerial post by the federal leadership. And because of this, the present government could not do anything or move forward as they are weak, said Radin.
He further added that all they can do is just make more empty promises and at the same time officiating the development projects which were planned and implemented by the previous BN government.
“One thing the Warisan-led government is known by the people at large, in that, it is an illegal immigrants-friendly, said Radin. It is doing this for obvious reason and the people know it,” added Radin.
He said that this is widely published in the paper and even in the social media, that never before, whenever any squatters’ areas are on fire, the issuance of birth certificates and identity cards to the victims are almost immediate to the victims. Of all the belongings and paraphernalia of the victims, but birth certificates and identity cards were more of their concern and were given the priority to be replaced.
“Pursuant to this, the government is planning to gazette the squatters’ areas and God knows who are the majority residing in such an area other than the illegals,” he stressed.
“Instead of being friendly to the illegal immigrants, why don’t you send them back to their countries of origin. It is as if the government is encouraging the illegals to stay back and reside in Sabah, added Radin. What happen if we are in their countries staying/ residing illegally,” Radin asked.
In order to correct the wrongs, the government must go back to the people, he urged.
“For after all the Warisan-led government did not have the mandate of the people, they did not win the election, ” he stressed.
“Unlike PBS in 1985, it won the general election by 25 (PBS), 1(Pasok), 16 (USNO) and 6 (Berjaya),” he said adding that it was a clear victory.
Nevertheless, when certain quarters demonstrated dissatisfaction with the result of the election, PBS went back to the people nine months later and won 2/3 majority by obtaining 34 seats of 48. That brought the curtain down of the oppositions, Radin concluded.-pr/BNN