KOTA KINABALU:W effective from 24 March (Tuesday), the Lido Market will be operating from 5am to 9am daily.

Cleaning up the place

Besides this, it will also implement ‘crowd-control and social distancing’ measures to ensure the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO) is more effective.

These measures are as follows:

1. Entry is limited to one person only; no companion or helper is allowed, and must abide by the social distancing requirement;

2. There will be one entrance and one exit only at the market, for better crowd control purpose;

3. Members of the public who wish to enter the market must put on a face mask, otherwise entry will be disallowed;

4. Everyone must queue up properly, quickly buy and leave;

5. There will be no processing for fish and chicken;

6. Vegetables will be sold in packets, no choosing is allowed;

7. Business hours is from 5am to 9am

Announcing this was Tan Sri T.C Goh, Chairman of Cara Kaya Sdn Bhd (CKSB), the Operator of Lido Square, after conducting an inspection on the preparation works for such measures, today.

“We urge the public to understand the importance of the Movement Control Order in containing Covid-19 outbreak, and give their full cooperation to abide by the crowd-control and social distancing measures,” he urged.

He was hopeful that with such precautionary measures taken by the Management, the Lido Market hawkers and those who frequently do their marketing there would be able to sail through this extraordinary trying time.

Asked on when will the food stall hawkers resume their business, Goh said it depends on the government’s decision based on the outcome of the ongoing effort in containing the Covid-19 outbreak. He advised the food stall hawkers to temporary take a rest at home until the situation has settled down.

“Judging from the high number of confirmed Covid-19 cases and fatality in Sabah, we are still in a critical stage. We need to step up effort to cooperate with the government in containing and breaking the cycle of Covid-19.

“We also realised that our medical personnel in the frontline are currently under tremendous pressure and some of them had even been infected. Hence, we should empathise with their hardship and do our best to stay at home. That would be a great favour and respect for them,” he said.- or/BÑN

Goh inspecting the crowd-control and social distancing measures at the Lido Square, on Monday.